What we do

Insulation and firestop

Our insulation division provides mechanical thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and firestop systems for everything from office buildings to sports arenas.

Mechanical insulation can help you achieve energy savings, personnel protection, process control, condensation control and noise reduction. Firestop is a life safety system that restores fire ratings to wall and floor assemblies by sealing joints and penetrations with fire-resistant materials. Call us to discuss the right system for your project.

Commercial services

  • All plumbing, piping and duct work.
  • HVAC pipes, ducts, equipment and insulation.
  • Domestic plumbing pipes and equipment.
  • Grease waste pipes and kitchen grease ducts.
  • Underground pipes.
  • Emergency generator exhaust systems.
  • Heat trace.


Industrial services

  • All plumbing, piping and duct work.
  • Power/generation plant maintenance.
  • New construction.
  • Solar fields.

Specialty insulation

  • Tanks and vessels.
  • Removable boxes for pumps.
  • Removable high temperature pads or blankets.
  • Metal all-out side piping and duct work.

Sound proofing and water proofing

  • Mechanical pipe.
  • Plumbing.
  • HVAC duct work and piping.

Life safety systems - fire wrap

  • All life safety systems are UL approved and tested.
  • Grease duct insulation with a two-hour protection, up to four-hour.
  • Exhaust grease duct insulation with proper fire ratings and hoods.
  • Code-compliance enhancements.
  • New and existing projects.

Life safety systems - fire stopping

  • All plumbing floor and wall penetrations.
  • All mechanical HVAC floor and wall penetrations.
  • Top of the wall and slab edge, and all ceiling joints.
  • Fire and temperature ratings (F&T) for floor sinks, drains and electrical.
  • All MEP-penetration firestop.