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Insulation & Firestop

Our Insulation Division provides mechanical thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and firestop systems for everything from office buildings to sports arenas.

Mechanical insulation

Our Mechanical Insulation Division provides the knowledge and experience needed to properly install mechanical insulation and perform energy audits. Mechanical insulation can help you achieve energy savings, personnel protection, process control, condensation control and noise reduction.

  • Mechanical, refrigeration and cryogenic piping
  • HVAC duct insulation
  • Plumbing insulation
  • Commercial, industrial insulation
  • Two-hour wrap for kitchen exhaust and grease duct and hoods
  • Energy audits for plumbing and mechanical systems
  • Thermal and acoustical insulation
  • Equipment wrap and pads


Firestop is a life safety system that restores fire ratings to wall, floors, electrical boxes and many more firestopping assemblies by sealing joints and penetrations with fire-resistant materials. We are an industry leader that provides our clients with services not normally found in a firestopping contractor. We stay up to date with the current codes and install the most cost-effective life safety systems to meet these code requirements. Our goal is to reduce the concern of Firestopping and Life Safety Systems and the possibility of delays due to failed inspections which allows our clients to focus on their core project.

  • Installations for through- penetrations
  • Construction joints and protective wrap applications for grease and air duct
  • Floor sinks
  • Drains
  • Beverage conduits
  • Electrical circuit protection
  • Sound, air movement and aerosol seals